Experience the Amstel Gold Race from up close!
Experience the Amstel Gold Race from up close!

Amstel Gold Race


Looking for the ideal place for an overnight stay in the Amstel Gold Race weekend?

You are very welcome at EuroParcs Resort Brunssummerheide or EuroParcs Resort Limburg. Are you just going to watch the pros or going to cycle the tour yourself as well? We will make sure you will appear rested at the start!

And if you stay with the whole family, the children can enjoy themselves at the resort while you are enjoying your sporty weekend!

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Resort Brunssummerheide

The country estate of Brunssheim, which is located in the tiny town of Brunssum in the middle of the beautiful hilly landscape of the province pf Limburg, is a perfect holiday destination. It is directly adjacent to the magnificent scenic beauty, called the Brunsummerheide.

Resort Limburg

The country estate of Hommelheide has everything at it's disposal to be able to offer you an unforgettable holiday !. The estate is situated in the narrowest part of the middle of the province pf exuberant Limburg and it's adjacent to Germany as well as to Belgium.

Amstel Gold Race and Easter

The Amstel Gold Race will be held during Easter weekend. That means you benefit from our appealing Easter rates, and the opportunity to participate in all Easter activities. Contact the resort of your choice for more information!