Children's entertainment in abundance during the autumn break with Beau en Bloem.
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Get to know Beau and Bloem

Have you met us before? Beau and Bloem are cool and clever, and they're here especially to have fun with you during your holiday at EuroParcs. Every school holiday we are here, and every week we explore a different theme. You probably have seen us before. But who are Beau and Bloem really?

Bloem: the ray of sunshine inside and outside the house

Bloem, who are you?
"I'm a real girl! I love pretty things, face painting and doing arts and crafts. I also like nail polish and cute animals in nature. I usually think up the activities we do with the children."

Bloem, what activities are these?
"We do a lot of youth theater and then we dance and sing together with you. We also do arts and crafts, drawing and face painting. And sometimes we also get face painted ourselves! Sometimes Beau face paints me, and then I look beautiful!

"We also try to keep thinking of new things to do. Sometimes we make toys together. We recently crafted a game controller! And then we make songs about that. We also love doing interactive activities. For example Pokémon. And we also think of the environment and nature by cleaning up paper or other things."

Do you think the environment is important?
"Yes, of course! I live at EuroParcs and that's in the middle of nature! So we have to take good care of it. That way everyone can come enjoy the beautiful surroundings! But I am especially the ray of sunshine inside and outside of the house. Everyone is welcome to come play with us!"

A day with Beau and Bloem, what kind of things are you going to do?
"During the long summer holidays, but also during the other school holidays we do many fun things, and every day is different! In the morning we usually do arts and crafts. In the afternoon we organize games and playful activities. We make sure these are fun for everyone. In the evening there's interactive theater and we go on different adventures every day. Are you coming too?"

Beau: cool, big and strong

Beau, who are you?
"I'm the best friend of Bloem! Together we experience all the adventures at EuroParcs. When Bloem thinks of something fun to do, I help her with it. it's always fun together! If necessary, I lift heavy things or help with other activities. I' really good at drawing and doing arts and crafts. I also like to make jokes with Bloem, which always make her laugh a lot."

What kind of games do you like doing?
"Game and play afternoons are my favorite! I wish I could always win! But Bloem is also really good at sports and games, so I can't always win. Luckily I never get angry, we'll just try out a new game and maybe I'll win then!"

Are you a bit like Bloem?
"Bloem and I love to make everyone have fun! If the children enjoy our games, we are both happy. I am of course stronger than Bloem. And bigger. But we're best friends! Oh, I also like to make new friends! Do you want to come be friends with us when you're on holiday at EuroParcs?"