Beau and Bloem Kids Club

4 to 12 years

The Beau and Bloem Kids Club, featuring children's activities, is available even for the smallest children. When you arrived, you probably already saw Beau and Bloem's Treehouse! Here, you can gather for the greatest games every day. Beau and Bloem are responsible for children's animation at EuroParcs. In cooperation with an enthusiastic team of staff members, they stand at the ready every day to play the greatest games, engage in sports and have a great time with your kids.

Want to play along with Beau and Bloem? They're available during school holidays at nearly all of EuroParcs' Resorts. Want to make sure they'll be present during your stay? Take a look at the activity calendar or contact the Resort of your choosing in order to confirm. Our receptionists will be happy to answer your questions!

Get to know Beau and Bloem

Have you met us yet? The cool Beau and the pretty Bloem are here to have fun with you during your vacation at EuroParcs. We're present during all school holidays, offering a theme to build our activities around each week. You'll probably have seen us before. But who are Beau and Bloem really?

Bloem, who are you?
"I'm a real girl! I like pretty things, face painting and arts and crafts. I also love nail polish and cute animals in nature. I'm usually the one who comes up with the activities we organize for the kids".

So Bloem, what sort of things do you come up with?
"We do a lot of children's theater, during which we dance and sing with you. We also do some arts and crafts, drawing and face painting. We even get our own faces painted now and then! Sometimes, Beau paints my face for me, I look stunning!

In addition, we continuously try to come up with new things. For instance, we sometimes make toys together. Recently, we crafted a game controller! We create songs about these things as well. We also like to be interactive in our activities. An example of this is Pokémon. We also consider nature and the environment, for instance by cleaning up litter."

Is nature that important to you?
"Yes, of course! I live at EuroParcs, which is surrounded by nature! Because of this, we have to take good care of it. That way, everyone can come enjoy all the natural beauty! But mainly I'm a ray of sunshine in and around the house. Everyone's welcome to come join us and have fun!"

During a day with Beau and Bloem, what sort of things will you be doing?

"During the summer holidays, but during other holidays as well, we do all kinds of fun things, something different every day! In the morning, we usually do some arts and crafts. In the afternoon, we engage in sports and games. We make sure that they're fun for everyone. In the evening, we offer participation theater and go on new adventures every time. Will you join us?"

Beau, who are you?
"I'm Bloem's best friend! Together, we go on all kinds of adventures at EuroParcs. When Bloem thinks of something fun to do, I help her with it. Together, we always make it work! If needed, I do the heavy lifting or help her out with other things. For instance, I'm very good at drawing and arts and crafts. I also like to joke around with Bloem, I always make her laugh very hard."

What kind of games do you like to play?
"Sports and games afternoons are my favorite! I like winning whenever I can! But Bloem is great at sports and games as well, so I can't win every time. Fortunately, I never get mad, so we simply play another game and maybe I'll win the next time!"

Are you like Bloem in any way?
"Bloem and I both like to make everyone happy! When the children like our games, we're all having a good time. Of course, I'm stronger than Bloem. And bigger. But we're the best of friends! Oh, and we love making new friends, too! Will you come be our friend when you spend a vacation at EuroParcs?"

Beau and Bloem Kids Club by entertainment @ EuroParcs
Coloring with Beau & Bloem
Coloring with Beau & Bloem

Coloring with Beau & Bloem

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Adventure Fun Club

Adventure Fun Club

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Fun Club

Fun Club

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