The fruit drinks are being poured into the cups, while the balloons are floating through the air driven by a breath of wind, past the happy faces of the children. Meanwhile, these little happy faces are watching a young woman towering above the EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam on a flyboard.


A little farther, clown Desalles brightens the atmosphere, children have their faces painted on the terrace of the brand new main building, and at a table farther away, serious little humans are busy decorating the coloring plates. When the little train of the resort arrives, all of them jump up. "To the funfair!", is being shouted in unison, and after a quick glance in the direction of the papers, and after an affirmative glance from mom and dad they board. See here the power of the EuroParcs Charity Day in a nutshell. "This day is for and by families with a child that has cancer", tells Josefina Vos on behalf of the EuroParcs Charity Foundation that, together with the ambassadors, has organized this relaxing day.


And this is appreciated by the adults that are present. 'Our most important partner has once again delivered craftsmanship'. Significant words by Albert van 't Blik from the Gaandeweg Foundation. This Foundation, that approaches families with families with a child that is cancer for the EuroParcs Charity Foundation (ECF), in order to offer them a free holiday on one of the resorts of EuroParcs, has more partnerships with foundations. "But the ECF, and EuroParcs with it, is number one when it comes to our partnerships. This day explains why, once again. So many happy families, such a beautiful resort, such beautiful holiday homes and what an amazing view."

ice cream

Free holidays

They were words that were only approved by other visitors. "We have already been offered two free holidays from the ECF", say Dèsirè and Marco Krimp from Zutphen. "We have had one on EuroParcs Resort Limburg, and at the moment we are away for a week on EuroParcs Resort De BiesBosch in Dordrect. On top of that, we also benefit from this day. You can imagine how grateful we are. Our seven year old son Shane has leukemia. This imposes a heavy burden, not only on us, but also on his five year old brother Jayce and his eight year old brother Keano. To be able to get away for a week is already amazing, but to also be able to experience the ECD is absolutely amazing!"

fishing rod


"Yes, dad, because the funfair is so much fun", says Shane. "We have been in the flying chairs. We were in chairs in a case that is decorated as a swan." Then he sees the ice creams that the eight year old Marlisa Albuquerque de Brito has got the village square, where fresh hamburgers, chicken dishes, pancakes and so much more is being prepared all afternoon, and where there is also being sung live. "Hey, I want an ice cream as well." While Marlisa shows him where to get it, she tells her fosther-mother, which is the well-known children book writer Hijltje Vink, how much fun the ECD is, at EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam. Hijltje, smiling: "Yes, I knew that honey. I was at the charity dinner of the ECF as well. Did you know they are even going to build a KanjerKasteel, for families with sick children?"

She says the words when Marlisa is already going out of sight, but it does not matter. "I am raising seven children. Do you know how great it is to be able to get a break for a day?" And this is exactly the intention of the ECD. Josefina Vos, on a meaningful tone: "Next year, there will definitely be an ECD again!"