From a large campsite to a holiday park with chalets, and from there to a resort with a diverse range of leisure homes, among which are also holiday villa's.

This is the development that EuroParcs Resort De Achterhoek has undergone in the past thirty years. The opening of the indoor swimming pool with wellness facilities last Saturday matches the upscaling of the holiday resort which is currently well underway.

More luxury and comfort, that is what the 2016 customer wants according to EuroParcs, and that is what the company is responding to. At the same time, the board wants to continue to radiate the recognizable 'EuroParcs signature': "The amiable, the family feeling," Wouter Vos indicated on Saturday before the audience, which had come in great numbers. "EuroParcs does not stand for a family feeling. No, our employees are family, and those who come here to spend their vacation feel that natural, as well as friendly, hospitality without a fail."

Although the holiday resort is gradually undergoing a change, EuroParcs cherishes the ties with the region and that is reflected in the looks of the pool. The children's pool is adorned with a castle, and in addition, the architect has given the imagination free rein by also placing a dragon in it. The deep pool offers a grand view of the large recreational lake with a backdrop of the forest. This view, with a drink in the jacuzzi, could even be called priceless. This jacuzzi is placed outside, but given the interest in it last Saturday, it will be used intensively in both the winter and the summer.

swimming pool
swimming pool

Resort De Achterhoek

Taste the mystical ambiance of the Middle Ages in a varied and abundant landscape on the country estate of Ruighenrode. Relax in an environment which has kept it;s own dialect and culture throughout the ages.