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Celebrate spring at EuroParcs!

Bungalow near the water | Resort De Rijp

Bungalow near the water at Resort De Rijp

Are you looking for a bungalow near the water this vacation? Consider the large assortment of bungalows of Resort De Rijp. This resort is situated in West-Graftdijk in North Holland and has an environment abounding in water, both outside and inside the park. This way you have a wide range of choice when it comes to a bungalow near the water.

A bungalow near the water for you and your children

A bungalow near the water is not only lovely for you, but also for your children. For example, you can rent an electric boat and explore the surroundings by boat. But there are also opportunities to fish. This ensures that you can teach your children how to fish in a relaxed way. In addition to fishing, your children can also play in the swimming pond or the indoor pool, all within walking distance of your bungalow! Although your bungalow is situated near the water, there are also possibilities for entertainment without water! There are playgrounds and a petting zoo for the children. But they can also use the sports and playing fields, just like you.

A bungalow near the water with more than water

When you rent a bungalow near the water at Resort De Rijp, you are also close to a beautiful area outside the park. From our park, you can easily drive to the coast or the IJsselmeer. But you can also choose to visit the cities around the park that have many monumental buildings and facades, which also make your vacation educational!

Would you like more information about renting a bungalow near the water at Resort De Rijp? Feel free to contact us! We can be reached by phone, you can call to +31880708090.