Celebrate spring at EuroParcs!
Celebrate spring at EuroParcs!

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Bungalow park Veluwe
Looking for a bungalow park at the Veluwe? Resort Veluwemeer is the ideal bungalow park at the Veluwe for all ages. Having your own holiday home at the Veluwe is great in itself, but how amazing would it be if you'll get to stay on the ground floor to boot? Everything within reach and no more annoying stairs. Perfect for those who are a little less mobile, or simply because you don't need too much space. Enjoy all of the benefits offered by our bungalow park and come take a look or contact us. We would love to tell you more about the options for renting a bungalow at the Veluwe. Of course, we'll take your wishes into account. We'll help you find the ideal bungalow at the Veluwe, get ready for the next vacation!

Bungalow park at the Veluwe for the ultimate holiday
Renting a bungalow at the Veluwe is not only good for that holiday feeling and coziness, it's also a lot more affordable than an all-inclusive holiday abroad. You won't have to make the travel expenses as our bungalow park at the Veluwe is easily accessible by car. In addition, you won't have to rent a car in order to get around. Our bungalow park at the Veluwe is surrounded by all kinds of fun activities. For instance, we've got a large swimming pool for all of the children, as well as plenty of lounge chairs for the parents so they can keep an eye on them. Of course, you'll also have the option of going out into the Veluwe in order to enjoy the wonderful and wild nature you'll find there. Long bicycle trips, hiking or running; it's all possible at the Veluwe!

Why opt for a bungalow at the Veluwe?
At EuroParcs, we offer various types of holiday homes and a bungalow at the Veluwe is one of them. You could also choose a chalet featuring two or three bedrooms. Renting a bungalow at the Veluwe is an ideal solution if you'll be coming to enjoy a vacation with just your partner. The accommodation, entirely located on the ground floor, offers the advantage of not having to carry your luggage up the stairs as there's no upper floor. If you will be staying with us during the colder months, renting a bungalow gives you another benefit: keeping the accommodation warm is very easy thanks to its small space. Booking can be done easily using the search and book function at the website. Are you curious about what we can offer you and would you like to know more about our bungalow park at the Veluwe? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you right away!