Chalet in Limburg
Chalet in Limburg

Chalet Limburg

Chalet Limburg

Rent a chalet in Limburg? Get to know EuroParcs! In the most Southern province of the Netherlands you can find EuroParcs holiday parks that are the ideal holiday destination for when you want to go on vacation with your whole family. A weekend away with the sports club? A getaway with your partner? Or a midweek relaxing with a group of friends? With us you can enjoy a stay at Resrt Limburg or Resort Brunssummerheide, the two EuroParcs holiday parks in the South of the country.

Rent a chalet in Limburg

You can conveniently rent a chalet in Limburg via our website. The types of accommodations vary a lot and offer you all the comfort you can wish for. We offer for example various holiday homes. Every holiday park also has many facilities which both young and old can enjoy.

Resort Limburg

Take for example Resort limburg. This holiday park is located in the narrowest part of Bourgondian Limburg, bordering Germany and Belgium. At this resort you can relax in the wellness center or swimming pool. Prefer to keep active? You can rent a bike and explore the surrounding nature.

Resort Brunssummerheide

Resort Brunssummerheide is located in a hilly landscape, just a short distance from Belgium and Germany. There's a lot to do both in and around this holiday park! How about mountain biking? Or visiting the climbing center? The little ones can get to know the animals in our petting zoo. End the day with a dinner at Brasserie 'De Uitvlucht', where you can enjoy delicious dishes.

Why choose a chalet in Limburg?

Apart from the fact that there's enough to do at the holiday park itself, the province has of course also a lot to offer. History, nature and a beautiful center with modern elements. In short, there's something for everyone!

Rent your chalet in Limburg now!

At EuroParcs you can find various accommodations for your holiday in the Netherlands. Via the search & Book function on our website you can book a holiday home in just a few steps, and be guaranteed of an amazing holiday in the Netherlands! Do you have questions or would you like to receive more information about renting a holiday home? Get in touch with us via the contact form.