Camping at EuroParcs
Camping at EuroParcs

Child-friendly holiday resorts in Zeeland - EuroParcs

Child-friendly holiday resorts

Child-friendly holiday resorts have everything needed to make the vacation a great success. Not just for the little ones, but for adults as well. Meet our holiday resort for both children and adults in Hellevoetsluis: EuroParcs Poort van Zeeland. This resort offers you the chance to enjoy a wonderful vacation with your family. It offers various facilities and activities, both at and around the park. This ensures you can spend a great active, or, if you prefer, relaxed vacation.

Resort Poort van Zeeland offers you the possibility of camping near the beach. You won't be bored for a second either, as our holiday resort has just the formula of nature, history and water sports necessary for a successful family vacation.

Child-friendly holiday resorts - Poort van Zeeland

Child-friendly holiday resorts allow guests of all ages to enjoy nature and all the beautiful things Hellevoetsluis has to offer free of worries. The beach can be found nearby, at a stone's throw from the park. Here, the children are able to play and everyone can enjoy the beautiful weather. Since the water stays shallow for a good distance, the beach is suitable for small children. The area around our holiday resort offers even more fun for children. Pay Adventuredome a visit! Here, the kids will have all the fun they can wish for with glow in the dark mini golf or a game of laser tag. In addition, children can climb and play both indoors and out. Adventuredome guarantees a day filled with playful fun!

The children can enjoy themselves fully out in nature and at the play equipment. View the activity calendar to find out what's on offer at the resort during the upcoming weeks!

Child-friendly holiday resorts for a successful vacation

Child-friendly holiday resorts by EuroParcs don't just offer fun for the little ones, but for adults as well. Resort Poort van Zeeland offers the chance to go camping, as well as to rent a chalet or hiker's cabin. Carefree stays are made a reality at our resort! View the available accommodations at Resort Poort van Zeeland and make a reservation!