The EuroParcs Charity Foundations is a foundation that is founded by EuroParcs, which emphatically operates independently from EuroParcs. Although EuroParcs - and especially the managing director Wim Vos jr. - plays a powerful role in supporting the ambitions of the EuroParcs Charity Foundation in the background, the EuroParcs Charity Foundation is a fully independent organization considering the ideology, the concrete ideas, the planning and the execution.

Mienie, Josefina and Sylvana Vos are part of the EuroParcs Charity Foundation board from the very beginning. Together with other motivated ambassadors, they are committed to the important goal of this organization entirely voluntarily. "The pain of the affected families deeply concerns us, and we are working hard for them will all our heart", says Josefina Vos.

Europarcs's Wim Vos jr. about the initiative

The most important sponsor of the foundation, EuroParcs, may be a leading company, but for managing director Wim Vos jr. it also holds that an idealistic motive is the only reason that the company supports the EuroParcs Charity Foundation. "We want to be able to provide all the people in the Netherlands with a carefree holiday. Disabled people and families with seriously ill children are not only part of this, but they deserve even more attention", says Europarcs's Wim Vos jr.