Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale

It's time for a fairy tale. It's time for a good story with a serious undertone. About health. About safety. But also about heroism and the ability to learn that sets us humans apart from all other life in this world. For one afternoon, let yourself be amazed by the EuroParcs Charity Foundation. At our 2018 Benefit Event, we present to you the EuroParcs Charity Foundation 2.0, in which we go even further in our efforts to provide children suffering from cancer, as well as their families, with an unforgettable holiday at one of our resorts.

Allow yourself to be spoiled by drinks and dishes of the highest quality. An evening full of action and experiences, featuring live performances and other kinds of entertainment, but, most of all, a special message for all eternity. We hope you'll want to attend a special night at Resort De Wije Werelt in Otterlo for a good cause.

You can reserve seats or the EuroParcs Charity Foundation Benefit Event. Seats are priced at € 250 each. The full amount is donated to the EuroParcs Charity Foundation.

EuroParcs Charity Foundation Event invitation:

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