Holiday home in Brunssum

Are you looking for a holiday home in Brunssum? Then Resort Brunssummerheide is what you are looking for! This resort is directly adjacent to the Brunssummerheide, which means that you can discover the most southern part of the Netherlands or make a visit to our neighbors in Germany or Belgium. At Resort Brunssummerheide you are guaranteed to find the holiday home in Brunssum that you have been searching for all this time. Resort Brunssummerheide has holiday homes in Brunssum of various sizes. So it doesn't matter whether you are staying just with your family at the holiday home in Brunssum or with a bigger group; there is a wide offer of accomodations!

Enjoying the holiday home in Brunssum

When you are staying in a holiday home in Brunssum, you can also use the diverse facilities at the resort. How about an afternoon of relaxation at the nature and beach pool? You can end the day with a dinner at Brasserie De uitvlucht, which is located around the corner from your holiday home in Brunssum. Also outside the resort you can find entertainment. How about an afternoon of mountainbiking? Or visiting the casino in the evening? Are you curious about the holiday homes in Brunssum? Then take a look now at the accommodations and book your holiday home in Brunssum at Resort Brunssummerheide immediately.

Resort Brunssummerheide

The country estate of Brunssheim, which is located in the tiny town of Brunssum in the middle of the beautiful hilly landscape of the province pf Limburg, is a perfect holiday destination. It is directly adjacent to the magnificent scenic beauty, called the Brunsummerheide.