Rent a holiday home in Nunspeet

Are you looking for a holiday home in Nunspeet? Get to know EuroParcs! At Resort Veluwermeer you can find diverse holiday homes where you and your family can stay. Of course the holiday park offers more than just holiday homes in Nunspeet, there are also various facilities and activities, which ensure that your holiday or weekend away becomes a lot more enjoyable. If you have rented a holiday home in Nunspeet, then you can enjoy your holiday at the pool, the restaurant or the grand café. Do you have a boat and want to come with your own boat to Resort Veluwermeer? That is possible! We offer a place to moor boats in the yacht harbor. For children there is enough to do at our holiday park such as participating in the Beau & Bloem Fun Club. It's possible to participate in these activities during holiday periods.

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If you have rented a holiday home in Nunspeet, you will have a breathtaking view. EuroParcs Resort Veluwermeer offers the possibility to enjoy the horizon from the sandy beach, the green fields and big forests. You can also sport many birds at the bird watching wall, located 2 kilometers from the park. A holiday home in Nunspeet offers more than just a relaxed holiday. So, quickly take a look at the available accommodations and book your holiday home in Nunspeet at EuroParcs immediately!

Resort Veluwemeer

EuroParcs Resort Veluwemeer lets you enjoy a wonderful panoramic view across water, fields and forest. The view from the sandy beach is a sight for sore eyes!