Book a holiday home in Susteren

A holiday home in Susteren is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable holiday. Resort Limburg is located in the smallest part of Bourgondisch Limburg and is the ideal place for various excursions. Resort Limburg offers recreation, such as a wellness center, recreation lake and beach pool. When you rent a holiday home in Susteren, you can also rent bikes so you can enjoy the nature together with your family. When you stay at Resort Limburg with your children, they won't be bored for even a second. The Hommelheide garden and animation club offer every time fun for children with play, games and sports opportunities. This ensures that both young and old can enjoy themselves when you rent a holiday home in Susteren.

Rent a holiday home in Susteren

When you rent a holiday home in Susteren, you can also have fun outside of the park. This is possible in the nature, zoos or museums. At GaiaZoo you can travel the world in one day together with your family and meet many animal species. Resort Limburg and the surroundings have more to offer than just a holiday home in Susteren. The holiday homes are available in various sizes. This means it's not a problem if you wish to stay with larger groups at Resort Limburg. Take a look at the accommodations of Resort Limburg now and book your holiday home in Susteren immediately!

Resort Limburg

The country estate of Hommelheide has everything at it's disposal to be able to offer you an unforgettable holiday !. The estate is situated in the narrowest part of the middle of the province pf exuberant Limburg and it's adjacent to Germany as well as to Belgium.