Celebrate spring at EuroParcs!
Celebrate spring at EuroParcs!

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Holiday Home Veluwe
Are you dreaming about your vacation and how great it would be if you could rent your own holiday home at the Veluwe? At EuroParcs Resort Veluwemeer, we offer the solution! You can rent your own holiday home at the Veluwe at Resort Veluwemeer. This way, you'll have a place of your own to enjoy the homely feeling and coziness with your family or partner. We offer various holiday homes for you to use at the holiday park. Depending on the size of the family, you'll be able to find the accommodation that's suitable for you. For instance, we've got chalets featuring two or three bedrooms, as well as bungalows. Are you having trouble deciding? No problem! Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you find the perfect match for a holiday home at the Veluwe.

Renting a holiday home at the Veluwe without any worries
Spending a vacation has never been as easy and care-free as it is with your own holiday home at the Veluwe. You'll have a wide range of options when it comes to accommodations and you can decorate the holiday home to your own style and taste. This way you'll feel right at home, even while on vacation. The holiday homes are organized in quarters, meaning your children will quickly make new friends. Thanks to the watchful eye of other parents, there's always a high level of social control, leaving you free to relax while reading a book. In addition, you decide for how long you would like to rent the holiday home at the Veluwe, and you won't even have to go abroad. No long flights, waiting with the luggage and looking for the right bus, you just pack your baggage in the car and park it in front of your new temporary home; the ideal holiday home at the Veluwe. Close, and yet far away.

Renting a holiday home at the Veluwe at EuroParcs
Naturally, it's important for your dream vacation to have plenty of opportunities for fun outings in the area. When you rent a holiday home at the Veluwe, you'll get to enjoy many advantages. The ideal location at the Veluwe is one example, but all kinds of great attractions and entertainment parks are available as well! It's a short trip to Walibi from your holiday home, to name one. Ideal if you would like to enjoy a day out between enjoying the peace and quiet of the Veluwe. Booking can be done easily using the search and book function at the website. Are you curious about what else EuroParcs has to offer? Contact us and we will be happy to help you out!