Celebrate spring at EuroParcs!
Celebrate spring at EuroParcs!

Holiday park with water for fishing | EuroParcs

Holiday park with water for fishing

There is a lot of choice when it comes to choosing the vacation you want to book. At EuroParcs, we make your choice a lot easier, because there is always more than enough to experience in our holiday park with water for fishing! Go out with the family or relax on the lovely, quiet water. You can, of course, fish here or just enjoy the silence. Naturally that is not all, because by using the boat, you still have the opportunity to go to all kinds of places. The Poort van Amsterdam resort is Noord-Holland at its purest. Walk along the quay and take in the view while enjoying a snack and a drink. Great conversations while the sun goes under, before you return to our holiday park with water for fishing. Do you see it for yourself?

Holiday park with water for fishing for the ultimate dream holiday

Our holiday park with water for fishing is especially for the ultimate sports enthusiast. At Resort Poort van Amsterdam, you can enjoy both the beautiful water to go fishing, but you can also go sailing, or practice water sports. Thanks to the ideal location, you can also go here with your partner or family, because there are all kinds of trips you can undertake. Not only do you have the freedom to go boating, but also to sail to other places. This way you can search for the best water for fishing yourself. With our holiday park with water for fishing, you have complete control over your vacation, and you can do everything you need!

Benefits of a holiday park with fishing water

Going on a vacation at our holiday park with water for fishing has a lot of advantages. Having your own boat is, of course, a huge luxury, but taking the boat with you and determining where you are going is the ultimate vacation feeling! Discover beautiful places and enjoy the pure nature. Would you like to know more about the possibilities at Resort Poort van Amsterdam? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!