One of the entrances to De Hoge Veluwe National Park is located at just two kilometers from De Wije Werelt.

Featuring a surface of 5500 hectares of forest, heathlands, marshes and drift sand, the park makes up almost 5% of the entire Veluwe. The Park is an enclosed National Park, meaning you will have to buy an entry ticket. The park itself offers plenty to do when it comes to nature, culture and architecture.

With its varied landscape, the park is exceptionally suited to go on hiking and cycling trips. The park features various routes like post routes, gps routes and themed routes. They vary greatly in length and landscape, and there are even some routes set out for disabled persons. Cycling or hiking trips are organized regularly, supervised by an experienced nature guide or forest ranger. Horseback riders will also find various routes specifically for them. The entrances of the park and the visitor center of De Hoge Veluwe offer more information about the various routes. You can also get a complete map of the park here.

You'll see the white bicycles everywhere at the park. These bicycles are free to use for everyone in the park. The bicycles cannot be reserved and you will not be able to lock them. As soon as you place the bicycle in parking somewhere, other visitors are free to take it, meaning it could happen that the bicycle you've been riding all day is suddenly gone. If you'd like to be guaranteed a bicycle all day, you can rent a blue bicycle for €3.50 at the visitor center, these bicycles can be locked.

visitor center
Around park: 2km

More Near the park

Burgers' Zoo

Go on a world trip in Burgers' Zoo! Become one with nature in this park. Are you ready for an adventure? Burgers' Zoo takes you on a journey through a wide range of natural areas in the world! Not only will you venture through a tropical rainforest, the rocky desert of Arizona and the East-African savanna, but you will also experience a tropical coral reef and the Malaysian jungle.

De Spelerij - Uitvinderij

De Spelerij is a unique playground with artworks and playing objects created by visual artist Jos Spanbroek. These imaginative constructions can be set in motion and are fun to play with. De Uitvinderij is a workplace where you can create your own artworks. You can bend plastic, cut out shapes with a fretsaw, cut polystyrene, thermoform, make name plates, make a splatter painting and work metal with real tools.

Climbing forest Simia

If you're looking to climb and swing around among the trees, look no further than Simia's climbing forest. Simia created a fun and adventurous climbing forest on the beautiful 's Heeren Loo terrain between Ede and Otterlo. The forest has different routes with fun, exciting and challenging obstacles. You can sway around on a rope bridge, climb through wooden barrels, or swing from tree to tree like a real Tarzan. A team of professional instructors will be ready to help. You will be fitted with a climbing harness and will receive thorough instructions to climb safely.

Kröller-Müller Museum

Centrally located in the park you'll find the Kröller-Müller Museum. This is where you can admire a world famous collection of art, predominantly from the 19th and 20th centuries.


Museonder shows you a glimpse of life underground. The world's first underground museum takes you deeper and deeper into the ground, until you reach the center of the earth. There is much to discover along the way: the root system of a 135-year-old tree and the bones of animals that have been extinct for thousands of years. The museum offers quiz booklets with educative and fun problems to solve during your trip through the museum.

Dutch Open Air Museum

The Open Air Museum brings the flow of time to a stop and brings the past back to life. This museum tries to tell true stories from the daily lives of the Dutch with old buildings, traditional clothing and objects. Take a look around brewery 'De Roskam', where beer is being traditionally brewed once more after 85 years after closure. Don't worry, you can have a taste! And it doesn't just stop at looking at the ways of the past; there's also a lot of fun things to try out for yourself. You can take a ride on the historical tram, or cross the large pond with a real rope ferry. There are fun activities planned during the weekends and holidays at the children's activity farmyard, where you can experience life as it used to be. Parents can take a break with a drink at 'De Hanekamp' inn while the kids enjoy themselves at the farmyard.

Dutch Poultry Museum

The Dutch Poultry Museum can be nowhere else but Barneveld, the home of poultry. The museum will tell you all you need to know about the history of the chicken and the egg. You will see a number of old Dutch breeds during your walk in the fowl garden, such as the Drenthse Hoen, the Groninger Uilebaard, Welsummers, and the famous Barnevelders. You will find an antique breeding machine in one of the exposition areas, which is constantly in use during the summer months. Here, you can see how chicks are born, and you can even hold them. You will learn not only about the poultry itself, but also about the history of the poultry industry. There is also an auction you can participate in, where fun objects from the museum shop are auctioned off.

Dutch Tile Museum

You will find the largest collection of Dutch wall tiles and tile pictures in the village Otterlo. At the Dutch Tile Museum, you will find the most diverse examples. In addition to the large collection of hand-painted tiles, you can find information about the development and history of Northern Dutch tiles in the museum.

Dutch Water Museum

The Dutch Water Museum in Arnhem offers great fun for both young and old. Water is a big part of daily life in any region of the world, and the museum tries to accurately show you all aspects of fresh water. Take a look at the water world, with over fifty fun interactive presentations. The water lab is open to children during the weekends, with fun, exciting and educative water experiments to try your hand at. Visit the water cinema or the water information center if you're looking for even more information on water. Outside is a real water playground for the children to splash around in.

Passiflorahoeve - Butterfly garden

'De Passiflorahoeve' is a unique attraction located in Harskamp, on the Veluwe. This garden has many different butterfly and plant species you won't just find in any common garden. We are also a care farm where people with mental issues, mental disabilities or physical disabilities can work in a relaxed environment. What makes this farm unique is the large collection of Passiflora and Aristolochia flowers and the tropical and European butterfly gardens with their own butterfly nurseries.

Recreation area Zeumeren

Recreation area Zeumeren is only a 15 minutes drive away from the camping site. A great place to visit on a beautiful and sunny summer's day.

Treasure Island Zeumeren

Treasure Island Zeumeren is the largest covered adventure paradise in the Netherlands. Here you can shoot a ball canon, ride boats, jump, climb and scramble around in a castle, challenge each other with water balloons, ride pedal boats, and take interactive quizzes. Take your kids exploring! What could be more fun than looking for gold in the water, getting your face painted by a pirate, go treasure hunting with the Captain, go exploring in the Captain's Quarters, or to build your own sand castles? Enjoy the fun shows filled with laughs and songs together with Dieke the shepherd boy and Mare the Captain's daughter.

Children's Paradise Malkenschoten

Build your own hut, climb and scramble around the challenging obstacle course, or take a ride with a pedal boat! Feed the animals and the fish, splash around with water, bounce on a trampoline, go for a round of mini golf or take a ride in the Binkybus. All this and more at Children's Paradise Malkenschoten. Take a break after a day of playing and have a bite to eat at the large and partly covered outdoor restaurant.

Hiking and cycling

A marked hiking route has been set out in cooperation with Nature Monuments, leading you from De Wije Werelt to the Mosselsche Zand.

Sand sculptures on the Veluwe

We will be open in 2018 from April 13 to October 27, from Monday to Saturday. The theme will be "Dutch Masters". The paintings and the lives of famous Dutch Masters from the Golden Age will come to life in Garderen. A great experience for both young and old. The festivities are open from April 13 to October 27, 2018 (closed on Sundays).