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Escape Room Best Escape Purmerend

Take the challenge and improvise to find your way, together with your team, through the escape rooms. Will you make it in 60 minutes? Choose the Bank Heist or Romanov's Bunker (both available in Dutch and English). See the website for more information:


Above all Alkmaar is the cheese-town of Holland. During the season (from the first Friday in April up to and including the first Friday in September) a traditional cheese market is being held here on Friday morning from 10.00 o'clock till 12.30 o'clock . The cheeses are being sold by the merchants by means of clapping hands. Next the 400 years old cheese-bearers gild is coming into action to remove the cheese(s) with berries, after the lot (quantity) has been weighed in the "Waag".

(The city of) Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has many faces. Everybody knows the The city of Amsterdam has many faces. Everybody knows the 165 romantic canals including its 1281 bridges, the more than 600.000 bicycles , the roaring nightlife and the abundant flowers market. But apart from that the city is offering a lot of other sights, excellent shopping possibilities and different exhibitions in 50 museums. Every day you can make a choice out of numerous concerts and theatre performances. Amsterdam has got it all!


Volendam, the beautiful fishing village at the Ijsselmeer, with its traditional costumes and dresses, as well as music and fish. Little houses in the labyrinth behind the harbor, souvenir shops, which are open seven days a week. Restaurants with a typical Volendam atmosphere, where an important part of the menu consists of fish. Coming right out of the water fresh into your tray.

Zaanse Schans

The "Zaanse Schans" is a unique living- and working neighbourhood, full of turning (rotating) wind-mills, ancient (traditional) crafts, special museums and beautiful houses , which are made of green wood. Experience, taste and smell the atmosphere (ambiance) from the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Cinema & Bowling

In the vicinity of villa park "De Rijp" there are several cinema's. Both in Purmerend, Alkmaar as well as in Zaandam. Do you want to know which movies are being shown right now? Drop in at the reception and you're immediately being informed. You can go bowling at Bob's Saloon in Uitgeest or in Purmerend at Bowling centre Purmerend.

Burg golf course Purmerend

Burg-golf club Purmerend disposes of a 36-holes championship course and a 9-holes par-3 course. The holes have been spaciously put up and they provide beginners as well as more experienced players with a challenging round.

The Beverwijk Bazaar

With its more than 2.500 shops, the Bazaar is Europe's largest indoor market. It's the perfect cheap day trip, even when the weather is bad. More than 50 nationalities are causing the Bazaar to be most international market in the continent. It's a melting pot of different cultures, nationalities, religions and languages. The Bazaar is open from 08.30 o'clock till 18.00 o'clock.

The Zaanse Golf Club

Somewhat hidden in a magnificent area of scenic beauty with age-old grand polders all around, a challenging 18-holes golf course is situated.

Fort "Spijkerboor"

The fortress at Spijkerboor is the largest fortress in the scaffolding of the city of Amsterdam. Being a part of the scaffolding of Amsterdam, the fortress at Spijkerboor is a world wide recognized culture monument. For this reason it has been placed on the UNESCO- list of world inheritances in 1996.

Fort Resort Beemster

Under the domes of the UNESCO World-inheritance Fortress at the Nekkerweg a splendid spa/wellness-hotel-restaurant is situated. The combination of the historical elements, the ingenious design, the high-grade technique, the wonderful natural environment of the Beemster polder and the surprising design. are going to make your visit a true and unforgettable event!

The Beemster golf links

The Beemster golf-links have a 9 holes course, training-greens, a driving-range, locker-space, a clubhouse/restaurant, a hotel, a golf-shop and a golf-school at their disposal . Both members and non-members are welcome here.

The golf-links of Spaarnwoude

With 66 holes, divided into seven courses, the golf-inks of Spaarnwoude are the largest golf-links in Europe. As the golf-links of Spaarnwoude are public links (which means that they are accessible for everybody), everyone can take advantage of the huge surface area to play golf.

The Heemskerk golf club

The Heemskerk golf club disposes of an 18- holes championship course as well as a new PAR 3-CORNER, where you can play golf without GVB.

The Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is a memorial to Anne Frank and her family. The house is located in Amsterdam at Prinsengracht 263-267. The museum attracts nearly 1 million visitors per year, most of them coming from abroad. In 2013, it received a record number of nearly 1.2 million visitors. These came from 95 different countries. Around 11 percent are Dutch visitors. The largest age group is between 20 and 30 years old (32 percent).

The "Zuiderzee"-museum

In the town of Enkhuizen the only outdoor-museum, where water is playing the leading part, is situated. While enjoying a short boat trip, you'll not only be able to see how the Dutchmen were living in this area a century ago, but you can even smell, taste and feel it. The typical ancient -Dutch way of feeling is being brought back to life in this open-air museum.

Hollow Plump Tree

The "Hollow Plump Tree " in the town of Tuitjenhorn is providing 1100 square meters of indoor thematized playing pleasure for the benefit of kids in the age of zero up to and including eleven years old. In the "Hollow Plump Tree", the giant tree is immediately drawing attention and invites the kids to climb upwards into its branches. From the kitchen garden the parents can keep an eye on their kids while they're enjoying a bite and/or a drink.

Jacobs Farmstead Cheese Farm

Jacobs Farmstead Cheese Farm is situated at the dike of Katwoude, in the middle of the polder landscape, sandwiched between Monnickendam and Volendam. This farmstead overlooks the IJsselmeer. This unique rural location is the background for a traditional Dutch activity: making cheese! Each day, the Jacobs Farmstead team welcomes you dressed in Volendam costumes. When you arrive at the farmstead, they offer you a professional demonstration on cheese production methods. With the necessary tools and clear explanations in several languages (Dutch/Eng/Ger/Fr/Sp/It) everyone can experience the craft of making cheese, from milk to end product.

Cheese market Alkmaar

In 2016, the cheese market in Alkmaar takes place every Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., on the Waagplein, from March 25th until September 2nd. In 1365, the city owned one cheese scale; in 1612 there were already four. The founding date of the cheese carriers' guild is June 17th, 1593. The market has always taken place on the Waagplein. This square has been enlarged multiple times; over two centuries, it was enlarged no less than eight times, until it reached its recent size. Here, the importance of the cheese trade to the city becomes apparent. In the 17th century, cheese was traded from May until All Saints' Day, on Fridays and Saturdays. In the 18th century this was even extended to four days per week.

Madame Tussauds

Inside the famous Amsterdam wax statues attraction you will meet the stars, royals and many more celebrities. Are you ready for the funniest and interactive attraction of Amsterdam? Step into the heart of the amazing world of Madame Tussauds. Experience surprising, educational and sometimes emotional meetings with your superheroes, top singers, movie stars and artists.

NEMO Amsterdam

Science Center NEMO takes you into the world of those everyday things that still are very special. Every visitor, young or old, can experience scientific knowledge here. For example, discover how bridges work, why you sometimes see things that aren't there and how lightning is created by getting started with the interactive exhibits. Workshops, films and demonstrations complete your NEMO day. A crackling sweater or a rainbow: After a visit to NEMO, you will look at the world through new eyes. Photo: Digidaan

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, usually called Rijksmuseum, is the the largest and most important national museum of The Netherlands. It is situated between the Stadhouderskade en the Museumplein, in Amsterdam-Zuid. In its over 200 halls, it offers an overview of the Dutch art and history. Among others, the collection consists of works of the 17th century Dutch masters Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Hals. The Rijksmuseum is owned by the state, and it is managed by the Rijksgebouwendienst. Photo: John Lewis Marshall

Playground the "Batavier"

For young and old there is a lot to experience in the vicinity of villa park "De Rijp". Between the towns of Alkmaar and Bergen playground "the Batavier" is situated. Here it seems that the time has been standing still for a while. In the middle between the trees you're gliding down from a real old fashioned high gliding chute and all of you are sitting together on the family swing. The "Batavier" is offering a lot of fun and adventure to young and old.

Fairy tales wonderland

"Fairy tales wonderland" is the one and only place for your young offspring to let the stories , which you're used to read to them before they're going to sleep, become a reality. Meet the "Booted Cat" or "Snow-white and the mean witch" . Enjoy the train ride through the park, the animals who live there (among other things goats and rabbits) or the pancake-house.