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The country estate of Brunssheim, which is situated in the wonderful hilly landscape of the province of Limburg in a little town called Brunssum, is an ideal holiday destination. The estate borders directly on the splendid  Brunssum moorland (called the "Brunsummerheide"), as a result of which we're rightfully allowed to speak of a TOP LOCATION!

This delightful and quiet holiday park, caused by its favourable location, is not only offering you the  possibility to discover the beautiful southern part of the Netherlands, but also to go and visit our neighbours in Germany and Belgium. Very near to our holiday park,  the public golf course "Brunsummerheide" is situated. This is a 45-holes golf course , which is located on an uneven area between the scenic beauties "Brunsummerheide" and "Schinveld Forest". So these scenic beauties are also situated directly near our park! For the hiker, biker , trimmer, jogger, horseman (rider), langlaufer (cross-country skier) and holiday-maker it's an area in which sports, perception of nature and enjoying peace and quietness, are excellently combined. The cities of Aachen, Liege and sociable (enjoyable) Maastricht are situated at a 20 minutes driving distance from the park.



The best of Resort Brunssummerheide and Resort Limburg

As a guest at Resort Brunssummerheide you can enjoy everything the resort and the beautiful surroundings have to offer. Peace, space and nature. But if you want something else for a day, you can visit Resort Limburg. As a guest at Resort Brunssummerheide you can make use the facilities of Resort Limburg for FREE, such as the swimming pool, playgrounds and of course the entertainment and events.

Resort Limburg
Resort Limburg

Resort Limburg

The country estate of Hommelheide has everything at it's disposal to be able to offer you an unforgettable holiday !. The estate is situated in the narrowest part of the middle of the province pf exuberant Limburg and it's adjacent to Germany as well as to Belgium.