On Resort Brunssummerheide all swimming- and beach fanatics can find themselves at the right place in the open-air and beach swimming pool "de Zeekoelen".

This natural swimming pond is splendidly situated btween the hills and is provided with small sandy beaches and grass fields (lawns)  to take a sunbath, or either to enjoy resting in the shadow between the trees. A part of the pond has been closed off by means of a rope for the benefit of the little ones.

Furthermore there are funny climbing frames for the kids to play on as well as a life-size checkers game, a volleyball field and a large spring mattress.

You can enjoy a bite and a drink at the cafeteria called  "The Tasty Bite", which is situated directly at the open-air and beach swimming pool.

Guests who are not staying at the park have to pay Euro 3,50 each. A subscription amounts to Euro 35,- . With a subscription one  can use the open-air beach swimming poool during the whole summertime.

When the weather is fair enough , the  "Zeekoelen" is daily opened from 10.00 till 19.00 hours.

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed.


On park

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Mountain biking

De Brunssumerheide has an extensive route for mountain bikers.

Holland Casino

At the Holland casino in the town of Valkenburg you can gamble for money in a safe and trustworthy way. You can make a choice out of a diversity of gambling machines as well as of gambling tables.

I-VY Climbing

I-VY climbing stands for (means) a multifunctional climbing centre, where all disciplines in sports climbing are being represented. From young to old climbers as well as from beginners to (professional) competitive climbers, each of them is going to meet his own challenge within our climbing centre.

Solex mopeds and covered waggons rental service Lim,burg

Pleasantly going for a ride on a genuine old fashioned Solex moped or in a heated covered waggon. The green waist of the province of Limburg is very suitable for making beautiful and relaxed trips on a solex moped or in a covered waggon. Nicely getting a breath of fresh air along the banks of the river Meuse in the border Meuse valley or just taking a breath of fresh air while pleasantly going for a ride together with boyfriends or girlfriends and letting yourself being spoiled in a culinary way.