The surroundings of the country estate of Brunssheim has numerous indoor- and outdoor facilities for children.

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Nicely playing outside like in the old times, that's what Valdeludo stands for. Climbing, clambering, romping, building huts in the hut-building wood and constructing little dams in the playing-river. Creativity and changing boundaries are the main aspects , which are being promoted at Valdeludo. Just playing outside is going to be interpreted as creating extraordinary things while playing.

Recreation wood "Steinerbos".

Recreation wood "Steinerbos", situated in the town of Stein, is a play-wood with endless possibilities. It has a lot of activities to offer, so you can go enjoying yourself for hours on end. Making new friends is quite easy and if you're getting hot inside as a result of all the playing around, you'll be glad to jump into the cool water of one of the outdoor swimming pools.

Toverland (Magic land)

Amusement park "Toverland", which is situated near the town of Sevenum, creates a lot of pleasure as well as a sound kind of tension for the benefit of young and old. The park combines indoor with outdoor attractions .