Celebrate the late summer at EuroParcs.
Celebrate the late summer at EuroParcs.


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Open air and beach swimming pool "de Zeekoelen"

On the country estate of Brunssheim, all swimming- and beach fanatics can enjoy themselves in the open air and beach swimming pool "de Zeekoelen".

Children's farm

At the entrance of the estate you're passing our animal meadow, in which a number of sheep and goats are welcoming you . In the meadow there is a log cabin, in which the animals are living, but most of the time they're walking outside to be seen or they are lying down while enjoying the sun.

Brasserie "De Uitvlucht" ("The Evasion")

In our cosy brasserie "De Uitvlucht" you can delightfully relax from your daily worries (cares) while having a nice cup of coffee or a tasteful dinner. On request (almost) anything is possible, such as a breakfast buffet, a subject matter (specialized) buffet or a sociable "drinking"evening (night)" together with your family or friends. You can reach the restaurant by phone at: 045-5643416.