In the surroundings of the country estate of Brunssheim there is an attraction of high stature, being the golf link of the town of Echt-Susteren.

This 9-holes golf link with a lenght of 2885 metres, consists of two par 3, five par 4 and two par 5 courses, of which course 6 with a total length of 545 metres is one of the longest existing in the  Netherlands. There is a driving range with a lenth of 250 metres. Further you'll find an indoor and about 50 outdoor striking places. There are two putting greens provided for, one of them at the club house (650 m2) and the other one at the driving range (also 650 m2). The 6-holes approach link has two striking places for each course. All greens are constructed in accordance with U.S.-specifications. Typical for these greens is, that they are very fast. From a landscape point of view the link has a heath-land character, which causes wet and drying ground elements alonside and between the courses. This golf link can be estimated as being one of the top golf links in the province of Limburg.