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The Hoensbroek castle

The Hoensbroek castle in southern Limburg is one of the largest and most beautiful castles of the country. This enormous castle is in fact a castle museum. You're wandering through more than 40 castle rooms and -halls. For both young and old there is a lot to experience in this castle.

The caves of Valkenburg.

The town of Valkenvurg has many caves. Underground there are many networks of corridors, where as a visitor you'll be able to experience many activities. Excursions, team-building activities , workshops and l(playing) laser games. There is something to do for every body.

Continium Discovery Centre Kerkrade

The Continium is an interactive museum, especially nice for children. They discover how their world has been put together, they experience with science and they get to know how the future is going to look.

Natural history museum

Sea monsters in the southern part of the province of Limburg? You can see them in the natural history museum in the city of Maastricht. Visitors are making a voyage through the time and among other things can observe tropical moors, fossils and the hole of the fox.

The thermal museum in the city of Heerlen.

In the thermal museum in the city of Heerlen you'll find the impressive remains of a Roman bathing house , called the therms. It's the best kept Roman bathing house in the Netherlands. The museum also has a varied collection of utensils from the period of the Roman empire.

The steam engined train company of southern Limburg.

The train station of the village of Simpelveld is a hundred years old building belonging to the steam engined train company. It consists of a modest little museum, a working place with sheltering halls as well as a souvenir shop. You can make a nostalgic trip with the steam engined train through southern Limburg along the "million"-track.