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Gaia ZOO

GaiaZOO offers a breathtaking world of animals in their natural environment. This zoo in tne southern part of the province of Limburg has already been chosen by its visitors for the fourth time as "the most beautiful zoo of the Benelux" and in 2013 it has been crowned by the ANWB as "the nicest outing (tourist trip) of the Netherlands". All of these rewards were granted to the GaiaZOO because of its new and unique concept of the way a modern zoo should be.

Bare feet park Brunssum

What could be more pleasing than occasionally taking a walk along the beach with your bare feet, or walking through sun warmed grass or nicely pampering your bare feet by walking in muddy water? In the bare feet park, situated in the town of Brunssum , you can experience all these sensational arousals in one single day!

Mondo Verde in the town of Landgraaf

World-gardens "Mondo Verde ", situated in the town of Landgraaf, is a theme park with four different subjects: beautiful world gardens, exciting Dino-fauna, a versatile animal world and delightful attractions. An adventure for young and old. Children are letting themselves go in the active part of the park as elder people are finding (and enjoying) tranquility and splendour in the world gardens.

The castle park in the town of Born.

In nearby Born the ruins of an ancient castle with a cosy little zoo can be visited. Among other things you're walking along deer, wild animals, porcupines and monkeys. At a number of animal residences the feeding time is indicated , When the caretaker is feeding the animals, he's also giving information about them. In wintertime the park has limited visiting hours.

The Arcen castle gardens

In Arcen the castle gardens are situated. This is a country estate with a surface of 32 hectares with an age old castle and several kinds of gardens. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of flowers and plants in these splendid gardens , like the Rosarium , the oriental water garden as well as the Lommerrijk.