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Mountain biking

De Brunssumerheide has an extensive route for mountain bikers.

Climbing centre

"Neoliet" in the city of Heerlen and "Rocca" in the town of Gulpen are offering you professional climbing facilities. Everybody can manage this under the guidance of professional climbing instructors.

Holland Casino

At the Holland casino in the town of Valkenburg you can gamble for money in a safe and trustworthy way. You can make a choice out of a diversity of gambling machines as well as of gambling tables.

The Hoensbroek castle

The Hoensbroek castle in southern Limburg is one of the largest and most beautiful castles of the country. This enormous castle is in fact a castle museum. You're wandering through more than 40 castle rooms and -halls. For both young and old there is a lot to experience in this castle.

The caves of Valkenburg.

The town of Valkenvurg has many caves. Underground there are many networks of corridors, where as a visitor you'll be able to experience many activities. Excursions, team-building activities , workshops and l(playing) laser games. There is something to do for every body.

Continium Discovery Centre Kerkrade

The Continium is an interactive museum, especially nice for children. They discover how their world has been put together, they experience with science and they get to know how the future is going to look.

Gaia ZOO

GaiaZOO offers a breathtaking world of animals in their natural environment. This zoo in tne southern part of the province of Limburg has already been chosen by its visitors for the fourth time as "the most beautiful zoo of the Benelux" and in 2013 it has been crowned by the ANWB as "the nicest outing (tourist trip) of the Netherlands". All of these rewards were granted to the GaiaZOO because of its new and unique concept of the way a modern zoo should be.

Bare feet park Brunssum

What could be more pleasing than occasionally taking a walk along the beach with your bare feet, or walking through sun warmed grass or nicely pampering your bare feet by walking in muddy water? In the bare feet park, situated in the town of Brunssum , you can experience all these sensational arousals in one single day!

I-VY Climbing

I-VY climbing stands for (means) a multifunctional climbing centre, where all disciplines in sports climbing are being represented. From young to old climbers as well as from beginners to (professional) competitive climbers, each of them is going to meet his own challenge within our climbing centre.

Mondo Verde in the town of Landgraaf

World-gardens "Mondo Verde ", situated in the town of Landgraaf, is a theme park with four different subjects: beautiful world gardens, exciting Dino-fauna, a versatile animal world and delightful attractions. An adventure for young and old. Children are letting themselves go in the active part of the park as elder people are finding (and enjoying) tranquility and splendour in the world gardens.

Solex mopeds and covered waggons rental service Lim,burg

Pleasantly going for a ride on a genuine old fashioned Solex moped or in a heated covered waggon. The green waist of the province of Limburg is very suitable for making beautiful and relaxed trips on a solex moped or in a covered waggon. Nicely getting a breath of fresh air along the banks of the river Meuse in the border Meuse valley or just taking a breath of fresh air while pleasantly going for a ride together with boyfriends or girlfriends and letting yourself being spoiled in a culinary way.

Natural history museum

Sea monsters in the southern part of the province of Limburg? You can see them in the natural history museum in the city of Maastricht. Visitors are making a voyage through the time and among other things can observe tropical moors, fossils and the hole of the fox.

The thermal museum in the city of Heerlen.

In the thermal museum in the city of Heerlen you'll find the impressive remains of a Roman bathing house , called the therms. It's the best kept Roman bathing house in the Netherlands. The museum also has a varied collection of utensils from the period of the Roman empire.

The castle park in the town of Born.

In nearby Born the ruins of an ancient castle with a cosy little zoo can be visited. Among other things you're walking along deer, wild animals, porcupines and monkeys. At a number of animal residences the feeding time is indicated , When the caretaker is feeding the animals, he's also giving information about them. In wintertime the park has limited visiting hours.

The Arcen castle gardens

In Arcen the castle gardens are situated. This is a country estate with a surface of 32 hectares with an age old castle and several kinds of gardens. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of flowers and plants in these splendid gardens , like the Rosarium , the oriental water garden as well as the Lommerrijk.

The steam engined train company of southern Limburg.

The train station of the village of Simpelveld is a hundred years old building belonging to the steam engined train company. It consists of a modest little museum, a working place with sheltering halls as well as a souvenir shop. You can make a nostalgic trip with the steam engined train through southern Limburg along the "million"-track.


Nicely playing outside like in the old times, that's what Valdeludo stands for. Climbing, clambering, romping, building huts in the hut-building wood and constructing little dams in the playing-river. Creativity and changing boundaries are the main aspects , which are being promoted at Valdeludo. Just playing outside is going to be interpreted as creating extraordinary things while playing.

Recreation wood "Steinerbos".

Recreation wood "Steinerbos", situated in the town of Stein, is a play-wood with endless possibilities. It has a lot of activities to offer, so you can go enjoying yourself for hours on end. Making new friends is quite easy and if you're getting hot inside as a result of all the playing around, you'll be glad to jump into the cool water of one of the outdoor swimming pools.


For the benefit of the real water rats, swimming centre "Mosaqua" in the town of Gulpen is the one and only opportunity. Among other things "Mosaqua" is offering family-watersides, a jungle-bath, individual water-slides, a wave pool, a pirate playing ship, rapids, a jungle-bar and five outdoor swimming pools.

Laco Glanerbrook

The Laco sports- and recreation centre Glanerbrook in the city of Geleen has a varied offer of swim-, fitness- and recreation-activities for all ages. This multifunctional sports-center disposes of a swimming pool, fitness-center, physiotherapy, sun-bank, outdoor swimming pool, sports halls, indoor skating rink, skeeler- and cycling track and a measured skating track.

Toverland (Magic land)

Amusement park "Toverland", which is situated near the town of Sevenum, creates a lot of pleasure as well as a sound kind of tension for the benefit of young and old. The park combines indoor with outdoor attractions .


Snow-World, situated in the town of Landgraaf, is the largest indoor skiing resort in the world! It has entirely been built in Austrian style. Snow-World is offering you the possibility to experience the winter-sports feeling in your own country! Young or old, beginners or experienced winter-sporters, everybody is more than welcome!

"Sporta" watersports-beachclub in the town of Maaseik (Belgium)

Being situated just across the border in Belgium, Sporta is offering quite a lot of sports-arrangements, like windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, playing beach-volleyball and a lot more. The magnificent private beach of Sporta is an ideal location for sociable relaxation on and around the water.

Golf course Brunsummerheide

The unique 45-holes golf course is situated between the scenic beauties Brunsummerheide and the Schinveld woods.

Cinema & Bowling

In the nearby surroundings of the country estate of Brunssheim you'll find the following cinema's. Cinema "Foroxity" is situated in the city of Sittard and it disposes of eight halls. There is also a cinema in the city of Maasmechelen (Belgium) , called the "Euroscoop", having eleven halls at its disposal. In the nearby city of Heerlen the "Royal" cinema disposes of eight halls. At the party- and carting centre in the town of Echt you're welcome to play a game of paintball, bowling and/or to go carting. If you favor to go merely bowling , you're more than welcome in "Hoeve (farmstead) de Aar", which is also situated in the city of Heerlen.

Water pleasure and Wellness

Being a guest of the country estate of Brunssheim, you'll have to feel totally at ease while staying with us. If the weather is a bit disappointing, it's nevertheless still nice that you can go swimming with your kids. That's why you'll have FREE entrance to our swimming paradise at our sister (twin) park in the country estate of Hommelheide. This park is situated in the town of Susteren, at a 30 minutes driving distance from Brunssum. You can get your entry tickets at our reception!