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The children in the holiday park at the country estate of Ruighenrode can nicely play in the indoor kids playing paradise "Ruighland" in case the weather isn't very accomodating. There  a splendid indoor playing paradise has been placed, which is specially and entirely equipped in the style of a circus. There is plenty of entertainment for the young ones as well as for those who are feeling themselves still youthful. Already at the entrance the atmosphere of the circus is tangible and consequently in the "circustent" a superbig do-, play- and customers-challenge is awaiting all those kids who want to happily indulge their passions an their energy while facing this windfall! Everything is possible, such as rolling, gliding, climbing, turning, jumping and quite a lot more enjoyable challenges!!

The opening times of the Indoor Playing Paradise Ruighland are as follows:

Ouiside  the national holiday periods:

Monday up to and including thirsday - closed

Friday - open from 15.00 till 19,00 hours

Saturday and sunday - 12.00 till 19,00 hours

During the national holiday periods the playing paradise Ruighland is open at the same times as the recreation team.


Ruighland playing paradise
Country estate Ruighland playing paradise