During your holiday you can nicely entertain yourself while hitting a couple of balls on the tennis-court of the country estate of Ruighenrode.

Our tennis court has been provided with a new coating in 2016, as a result of which there can be played on a smooth field again for years. Against who will you hit that winning ace?

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€7,- per baan per uur, inclusief gebruik van rackets en tennisballen.


You may use our tennis court for € 7,- per court per hour. This amount is incl. the use of our rackets and balls, but you may of course use your own equipment.

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Estate Ruighenrode has three pétanque courts spread across the park. It is possible to lend official jeu de boules balls at the reception, in exchange for a deposit.


Enjoy miniature golf with the entire family. For only €3 per person, you can play miniature golf on the 18-hole miniature golf course of Resort De Achterhoek. Golf clubs for young and old can be picked up at reception where you will also be given miniature golf balls and an individual scoring form.


The new recreation team "Sportwijzer" has started during the Easter holidays on Resort De Achterhoeo, implementing a lot of funny and brand new activities. See you soon at Resort De Achterhoek!

Recreation pond

The country estate of Ruighenrode has a wonderful recreation pond, which is suitable for both young and old. Surrounded by tiny sand beaches and little grass fields , it's great to be here! Swimming is allowed and this also counts for going out boating. If you would like to go fishing, you'll have to go to one of the the special fishing spots.

Ruighland playing paradise

The children at the holiday park in the country estate of Ruighenrode can, especially if the weather is a bit less accommodating, nicely play indoor in Kidz playing paradise "Ruighland" . A magnificent indoor playing paradise has been installed, which has been completely arranged in the style of a circus.


Children can let themselves go in several large and small play grounds on the country estate of Ruighenrode. There are climbing frames and at the swimming pond a super-big air trampoline is situated.

Apenheul (Monkey-zoo)

The Apenheul is a wonderful zoo, provided with a lot of greenery, where every year about 500.000 people are enjoying an unforgettable day (are having the day of their life). But we have a lot more to offer! We have acquired a lot of assessment with regard to monkeys (apes). Many years of experience and study (examination) have produced a treasure of information.

Adventure park "Hellendoorn"

Adventure park "Hellendoorn" is a terrific (great) attraction park, which easily can stand a comparison with the "Efteling". There are more than 30 attractions and shows, among which the stunt shows of the world-famous Sky Pirates. Just come and see them if you dare!!

Cinema - Cinemajestic Zutphen

Taste the mystical ambiance of the Middle Ages in a varied  and abundant landscape. Relax in an environment which has kept it's own dialect and culture throughout the ages. Enjoy the extensive assortment in the shops and also enjoy yourself in the theatre of  Lochem or use the many fascilities on the country estate of Ruighenrode itself. This park is (has)  "an established name " in this region and that's not for nothing: it's offering you all the comfort and luxury you could only wish for (have dreamed of)!  

The "Megapret" ("Mega-fun")

The "Megapret" is the funniest family- playground in the "Achterhoek". In a rural environment, you'll find an indoor as well as an outdoor playground, which both are suitable for children from 0 up to and including 12 years old. Also for adults there's a lot to experience.

The "Waarbeek"

The "Waarbeek" in the town of Hengelo is a well-organized park for the young(er) kids. They are bound to excellently enjoy themselves a whole day long in the numerous attractions. And all this at an affordable (fixed) price.

Cinema club "de Keizer" in the town of Deventer

Movie-house "De Keizer" is the place in the town of Deventer, where movies from all over the world are being shown for the benefit of an audience, which is orientated as broad as possible. We present a lot of European pictures, but you can also watch movies from all other parts of the world. In this case quality is always our highest priority. Movie house "De Keizer" presents current pictures, prologue premieres, classical movies and special programs.


JT Cinema's are progressive in the field of the quality of the shown movies, comfort, customer-orientation (-friendliness) , image and sound.

Party- and bowling centre "De Worp"

Hunting to get a new track record with sweaty hands, or always forgetting that it's your turn to play because you're to busy chattering. Bowling centre "de Worp" in the town of Deventer has enough place for every (kind of) bowling player. Both competitive or recreative, above 65 or under 10.