In 2016 the new Yalp Sona was installed. This interactive play equipment takes playing outside to a whole new level. Discover this new way of playing!

The interactive dance and sound arch

The Sona is a play arch guaranteeing fun. One push of the button allows for choosing a game in which children have to memorize a code or traverse a track as fast as possible. Two children making dance moves with their mother and grandmother or counting in Chinese? It's a common sight at this exciting device for the entire family.

The large orange arch is recognizable from a long way off, making it a real eye-catcher. At the top of the arch, a camera is installed registering exactly what children are doing on the floor. The play floor is freely accessible and multiple children can play and move to the music simultaneously.

How does the Yalp Sona work?

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The reception is directly situated at the entrance of the park. Here you're at the right (proper) place to ask all of your questions and to book your reservations. At the reception tens of leaflets containing all available information about the facilities in and around the park are shown

Indoor Swimming Pool

Swimming is possible all year round in the indoor pool at EuroParcs Resort De Achterhoek! Swimming fun for young and old!

Yalp Toro

The new Yalp Toro was installed in 2016. This interactive sports field takes playing outside to a whole new level. Discover this new way of playing!

Yalp Sutu

In 2016 we put in a new Yalp Sutu interactive wall that brings football to a whole new level. Discover this whole new way of playing football!

Restaurant Friends 'n Bites

Due to extenuating circumstances Restaurant Friends 'n Bites is closed for an undefined amount of time. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Bicycle- and kart rental service

From the country estate of Ruighenrode you can make beautiful biking tours through the environment. Visit the sociable town of Lochem or go biking the castle route! A wonderful trip which is going to lead along the most beautiful castles in the province of Gelderland.


Estate Ruighenrode has three pétanque courts spread across the park. It is possible to lend official jeu de boules balls at the reception, in exchange for a deposit.


Enjoy miniature golf with the entire family. For only €3 per person, you can play miniature golf on the 18-hole miniature golf course of Resort De Achterhoek. Golf clubs for young and old can be picked up at reception where you will also be given miniature golf balls and an individual scoring form.


Did you forget taking with you something important? No problem, at the reception there's a mini supermarket. There you can buy not perishable foodstuff, soft drinks and several non-food articles. Opening times are equal to those of the reception.


The new recreation team "Sportwijzer" has started during the Easter holidays on Resort De Achterhoeo, implementing a lot of funny and brand new activities. See you soon at Resort De Achterhoek!

Recreation pond

The country estate of Ruighenrode has a wonderful recreation pond, which is suitable for both young and old. Surrounded by tiny sand beaches and little grass fields , it's great to be here! Swimming is allowed and this also counts for going out boating. If you would like to go fishing, you'll have to go to one of the the special fishing spots.

Ruighland playing paradise

The children at the holiday park in the country estate of Ruighenrode can, especially if the weather is a bit less accommodating, nicely play indoor in Kidz playing paradise "Ruighland" . A magnificent indoor playing paradise has been installed, which has been completely arranged in the style of a circus.


Children can let themselves go in several large and small play grounds on the country estate of Ruighenrode. There are climbing frames and at the swimming pond a super-big air trampoline is situated.

Taste & More Family Take Away

Due to extenuating circumstances Taste & More Family Take Away is closed for an undefined amount of time. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


During your holiday you can nicely entertain yourself while hitting a couple of balls on the tennis-court of the country estate of Ruighenrode.


It's only possible to use WIFI at the Grand Cafe Merlot. The restaurant is situated at the front of the park next to the reception.