Meeting room

At Resort The Biesbosch it is also possible to make use of the business facilities. In the restaurant 'The Arm of Dordt' we have several conference rooms at our disposal. These can be rented for meetings, corporate trainings, receptions and business get-togethers.

In consultation with the restaurant we have put together different packages. We already have the 32 hour package . This is an arrangement based on meetings, eating and drinking and sleeping!

Company trips

In cooperation with our water gym Board Academy , there are several business trips possible. These can be externally arranged, but can also be organized by us. Anything is possible, so please contact us to discuss your wishes and our possibilities! Upon request, we can put together a different packages, one that fits you and your company!

Of course it is also possible that you hire an outside company to organize the event, that takes place at Resort De Biesbosch. We tell you all about the possibilities.

Training room for companies

Are you looking for a suitable space to provide training to your staff? Resort the Biesbosch offers an inspiring environment in this area. Our room is also very suitable for various types of training. This may include language courses, emergency response training and management courses.

Of course we can also provide lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks for you and your staff. Please contact us for the possibilities!

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