Swimming pool & wellness centre.

In the swimming pool and in the wellness centre it's a question of sheer enjoying yourself!

Wellness Center

On Resort De Biesbosch, you can enjoy our Wellness Center. Let everything slip away from you, and relax in an atmospheric ambiance that is fully equipped.

Bike rental

In the surrounding area of recreation- and water sports centre "De Biesbosch" you can make wonderful biking trips.


Recreation and Water Sports Center De Biesbosch has a beautiful marina.

Wonderful (delightful) trips

From recreation- and water sports centre "De Biesbosch" you can make delightful boat-trips. You can do this with your own boat, or you can travel on the sightseeing boats of several shipping lines from, among other things, the city of Dordrecht or Drimmelen. For example from Dordrecht you can make several trips through the wonderful nature reserve "de Biesbosch" or along the impressive activity of the Rotterdam harbour complex.

Board Academy

If you're looking for a sportive and challenging day, or if you just want to go for a quiet board trip, we'll be glad to direct you to the wakeboardschool at the park. Board Academy takes care of amusement on a board and in the water . Caused by the broad offering possibilities of Board Academy, you'll always be able to choose a made to measure activity. For the benefit of our park guests there is a 10% discount on all activities which are offered by Board Academy.

Sports & games

At our park a tennis-court is present. You would like to hit a number of balls, but you don't have a tennis racket? No problem, you can use a racket of the park.

Beau & Bloem Fun Club

Tinkering, games & fun, interactive theater... our animation team of the 'Beau & Bloem Fun Club' is totally ready for it, your kids too?


At our park we have a outdoor- and indoor playground. The outdoor playground is situated in the centre of the park, next to the tennis court and the swimming pool. There is also a large climbing frame provided with glides (chutes) and a jumping cushion. Also a lawn bowling is present as well as a life game of chess- and checker. . When the weather is bad, there are enough possibilities for the kids to play inside.

Jobe summer camps

Board Academy offers in cooperation with the water sports brand Jobe an unforgettable summer camp for children. As Board Academy is located on the beautiful location at EuroParcs Resort De Biesbosch, during the summer camp you can enjoy the comfort of a luxury apartment and all the amenities of the park while you also are engaged in the coolest water sports every day!