The town of Kinderdijk

The Netherlands are famous for their windmills ! Today there are still more than 1000 windmills present in our country. Nowhere in the world you'll find so many windmills gathered together as in the tiny village of Kinderdijk! We advise you to hike or to bike along the 19 beautiful windmills of the village of Kinderdijk and enjoy this extraordinary piece of dutch inheritance.

National park "De Biesbosch"

In the "Biesbosch" you can make plenty of hiking trips through polders with historical names such as "labyrinth" or "pancake". Along the edges of this area you can make biking tours on small ancient dykes, along rivers and villages. The wet and rough nature of this swampland can be especially experienced from the water on a small boat or a canoe.

Diergaarde Blijdorp Rotterdam

Diergaarde Blijdorp is a whole day out. A day which immerses you into the life of animals and plants from around the world. A journey full of unexpected encounters. But there is more to do and to discover in Blijdorp. Want to experience Diergaarde Blijdorp in a different way? Or discover what happens behind the scenes? And what can you do when it comes to business in Diergaarde Blijdorp?

The Efteling

Efteling has a reputation in the world of theme parks and is located near Resort De Biesbosch! Be enchanted by the Fairytale Forest or one of the other special attractions.

Markthal Rotterdam

Stochkholm, Barcelona, Valencia, and Copenhagen. Almost every big city has one: an indoor food market. A vibrant market hall that is bursting with fresh fish, bread, tender meat, countless amounts of types of cheese, and fresh vegetables. A market where doing groceries is an experience, and where you can go to for a drink or a bite. (Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode)

Rosada Factory Outlet Roosendaal

In Rosada, you can find more than 60 class retailers, with always at least 30 to 70 % discount. It is shopping ridicule for fans of the famous brands in men's, women's and children's fashion, sportswear, accessories, lingerie, shoes, bags, and much more. For a delightful lunch, Rosada Factor Outlet is the place to be as well. You will experience a unique atmosphere in a characteristic environment, with regular entertainment and events. There is sufficient parking.

Plaswijckpark Rotterdam

The Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam is a real family park. In the three different 'wijcken' you can play, swim, or go for a walk. In the animalwijck, there are many animal species, such as monkeys and wallabies, but also unknown animals, such as a ruffed lemur, a greater rhea, or an alpaca. In 2014, family park Plaswijckpark has been declared the Best Getaway of South Holland, by the members of the ANWB.