21 Jul 20:00 - Sydney's Circus - Juli 21 - 8pm - 9pm

In this one-man clown show Sydney creates the magical and spectacular atmosphere of the traditional English circus.

He is helped by the unsuspecting audience, to produce a world of illusion, color, magic and mayhem. Exploits of inhuman force, such as juggling gun cones, acts of incomprehensible stupidity, like catching a brick between your teeth, the results are always comical, devastating and unexpected. This dazzling family show lets you sit on the edge of your seat and enjoy the magic, juggling and much more.

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Beau & Bloem Interactive Theater

Are your children not tired yet? Let them stay for another half hour at the Beau & Bloem Interactive Theater. Your children have probably already met these happy friends. Not yet? Then this is a nice moment!
Between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., Beau & Bloem take your children on the nicest, funniest and most exciting adventures! When they go home with you again, they will tell the greatest stories!

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