Around park: 72km

GaiaZOO offers a breathtaking world of animals in their natural environment. This zoo in tne southern part of the province of Limburg has already been chosen by its visitors for the fourth time as "the most beautiful zoo of the Benelux" and in 2013 it has been crowned by the ANWB as "the nicest outing (tourist trip) of the Netherlands". All of these rewards were granted to the GaiaZOO because of its new and unique concept of the way a modern zoo should be.

GaiaZOO offers a breathtaking world of animals and nature. The Southern Limburg zoo was selected by the public as the 'Most Beautiful Zoo in the Benelux'. This is due to its new and unique zoo concept. In 2013 and 2018, it was crowned 'Most Fun Day Trip of the Netherlands' by the Royal Dutch Touring Club. In GaiaZOO you will travel all over the world in one day, and you will meet many special and unique animal species.

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GaiaZOO Gorilla
GaiaZOO Lionesses
GaiaZOO Giraffe