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Hollow Plump Tree

The "Hollow Plump Tree " in the town of Tuitjenhorn is providing 1100 square meters of indoor thematized playing pleasure for the benefit of kids in the age of zero up to and including eleven years old. In the "Hollow Plump Tree", the giant tree is immediately drawing attention and invites the kids to climb upwards into its branches. From the kitchen garden the parents can keep an eye on their kids while they're enjoying a bite and/or a drink.

Playground the "Batavier"

For young and old there is a lot to experience in the vicinity of villa park "De Rijp". Between the towns of Alkmaar and Bergen playground "the Batavier" is situated. Here it seems that the time has been standing still for a while. In the middle between the trees you're gliding down from a real old fashioned high gliding chute and all of you are sitting together on the family swing. The "Batavier" is offering a lot of fun and adventure to young and old.

Fairy tales wonderland

"Fairy tales wonderland" is the one and only place for your young offspring to let the stories , which you're used to read to them before they're going to sleep, become a reality. Meet the "Booted Cat" or "Snow-white and the mean witch" . Enjoy the train ride through the park, the animals who live there (among other things goats and rabbits) or the pancake-house.