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Restaurant "Eeterij (Eating place) de Rijp"

On behalf of consuming a nice tasting snack or enjoying a delicious culinary meal, you're at the very right place in our restaurant "Eeterij de Rijp". Go nicely eating pancakes with the kids or instead choose to revel in an extensive dinner. There's enough variation for everyone! Opening hours: Wednesday up to and including Sunday : 12.00 o'clock till 22.00 o'clock. On Tuesday all horeca activities are closed.

Pasture for (the benefit) of the animals

Villa park "de Rijp" not only disposes of a children's farm, but it also has a large animal's pasture. Here the animals are enjoying all the space, which they need to be able to walk around happily.


Villa park " de Rijp" is an ideal starting position to take a refreshing hike or to make a wonderful cycling-tour. Bikes are for rent through the reception.

Letting out whispering boats

In the park itself you can rent a whispering (silent) boat as from April 1st. In the environment nice boat-trips can be made and in no time you're sailing into the Islands-polder. The village of De Rijp is very much worth the trouble to explore by boat. Also the Northern Holland canal , the Alkmaar lake and the city of Amsterdam are very well reachable by boat ! If you want to rent a boat for more than one day, you can contact the reception.

Children's farm

Come and visit our children's farm! Together feeding and stroking the animals, it's all possible in villa park "de Rijp". At this very moment In our children's farm deer, goats, sheep, chickens as well as two ponies are living together. Entering the children's farm is still on your own risk.


To experience the genuine coastal feeling, you don't need to leave the villa park "de Rijp". As it happens the sandy beach doesn't merely mean enjoying with a capital letter E as the children are concerned , but this also counts for their parents. Nicely taking a sunbath on the beach or sitting in one of the luxurious lounge chairs ... To enjoy an ice cream, a snack or a drink you don't have to take a long walk, as you can get these delicacies at our beach house.


Please use our extensive wellness facilities and settle down completely ! In the wellness centre among other things you'll find a sauna, a salt cabin and a Turkish steam-bath.


As from today there are holiday homes for rent, which have a WiFi-connection. at their disposal. There is also a free WIFI-connection available in the restaurant as well as at the reception. For more information or asking questions you can contact the reception.

Super market and snack bar

Do you want to go shopping? In the centre building of villa park "de Rijp" you're welcome in our small super market. During the summer months the supermarket opens on both Saturday and Sunday at nine o'clock in the morning.


You'll find the reception at the entrance of the park. Here you're at the right place to ask all of your questions and to make your reservations. At the reception you'll find several leaflets (brochures) and other information material about sights (places of interest) and other activities in and around the park.

Outdoor swimming pool

Resort "De Rijp" disposes of the luxurious possibility that you can make your own choice where you're going to look for cooling (down) during the summertime. In the water behind the sandy beach or in the outdoor swimming pool!

Indoor swimming pool

When the weather isn't so nice outside, you can enjoy a swim inside on Resort De Rijp. You are very welcome at our superb indoor pool!

Swimming lessons

Resort De Rijp is offering its guests the possibility to get swimming lessons. The lessons will be given by Gijs Koelemeijer. For more information you can visit the website www.zwemschoolgijskoelemeijer.nl


Children can climb and clamber on the climbing frames, which can be sufficiently found here and there, being scattered all over the park . Even as far as the sandy beach! That means: enjoying swimming, building sand castles as well as happily sliding down the chute! Even when the weather is bad, the children can enjoy themselves very well. In the new centre -building you'll find an indoor playground and an animation room. Villa park "de Rijp" is taking care of providing sufficient entertainment.


Playing tennis, soccer, hit-ball and many other ball-sports: you can practice all of them at the villa park "De Rijp". Even if it has been raining heavily and the grass fields are soaking wet. As it happens, the park disposes of a large mufti-functional sports-track, where both young and old can get totally rid of their energy. For hiring tennis rackets and tennis balls, please contact the reception.