27 Dec 20:00 - Okkie's Fun & Magic Parade - February 25th - 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

With his Fun & Magic Parade, Okkie transforms every location to a real theater.

His beautiful scene decoration and professional lighting and sound are the 'gift wrapper' of the content of his show. He performs magic tricks all evening long, and he makes the children laugh and sing. Okkie has his own costume parties, and, this way, in his show he is visited by his cleaning lady 'Cloon Ans', and together with 'Kokkie Rellen', the children make the most delicious things.

On park

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7.00 PM: Welcome
Beau & Bloem welcome everyone that's coming to the show!

7.30 PM: Beau & Flower theater
Your children have probably already met these joyful friends. They haven't? This is a great time! Beau & Bloem take your children on the nicest, funniest and most exciting adventures between 7.30 PM and 8.00 PM! They will come home with the best stories!

8:00 PM: Main act

9:00 PM: Chill out night
Just chilling with the youth at the park. We listen to music, watch videos on YouTube and drink something together. Are you coming too?

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