12 Jul 20:00 - The King and the Jester - Jul. 12 - 8pm - 9pm

The King, The Jester and a Journey Through Time is a modern fairy tale. A fairy tale about time, expectations and (un)patience. It is the day of the royal party.

The main jester, 'Momentje', is preparing everything. However, he can never do it alone. Fortunately, the children in the audience want to help him. With their help, everything will be fine... But, where is the King? 'Momentje' comes up with a plan to make an adventurous journey through time, before the King arrives. Will he make it? Chris, the actor, puts together a show with a lot of humor, in a scenery of time, where music, magic tricks, juggling skills, puppet play, slapstick and buffoonery are mixed to create an exciting story.

On park

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7.00 PM: Welcome
Beau & Bloem welcome everyone that's coming to the show!

7.30 PM: Beau & Flower theater
Your children have probably already met these joyful friends. They haven't? This is a great time! Beau & Bloem take your children on the nicest, funniest and most exciting adventures between 7.30 PM and 8.00 PM! They will come home with the best stories!

8:00 PM: Main act

9:00 PM: Chill out night
Just chilling with the youth at the park. We listen to music, watch videos on YouTube and drink something together. Are you coming too?

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