Around park: 3km

If you're looking to climb and swing around among the trees, look no further than Simia's climbing forest. Simia created a fun and adventurous climbing forest on the beautiful 's Heeren Loo terrain between Ede and Otterlo. The forest has different routes with fun, exciting and challenging obstacles. You can sway around on a rope bridge, climb through wooden barrels, or swing from tree to tree like a real Tarzan. A team of professional instructors will be ready to help. You will be fitted with a climbing harness and will receive thorough instructions to climb safely.

On the beautiful terrain of `s Heeren Loo between Ede and Otterlo Klimbos Simia has created a playful and adventurous Climbing forest. There are various routes with fun, surprising and challenging obstacles. Go rock on a rope bridge, climb through wooden barrels or swing like a "real Tarzan" from tree to tree.

A team of professional instructors is here for you. You will receive a climbing belt and extensive instructions to climb safely. Each visit feels like a new adventure, are you ready?

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