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The Open Air Museum brings the flow of time to a stop and brings the past back to life. This museum tries to tell true stories from the daily lives of the Dutch with old buildings, traditional clothing and objects. Take a look around brewery 'De Roskam', where beer is being traditionally brewed once more after 85 years after closure. Don't worry, you can have a taste! And it doesn't just stop at looking at the ways of the past; there's also a lot of fun things to try out for yourself. You can take a ride on the historical tram, or cross the large pond with a real rope ferry. There are fun activities planned during the weekends and holidays at the children's activity farmyard, where you can experience life as it used to be. Parents can take a break with a drink at 'De Hanekamp' inn while the kids enjoy themselves at the farmyard.

In the Open Air Museum time is stopped and the past comes alive. For example take a look in brewery "De Roskam", where in an artisanal manner, around 85 years after closing, beer is once again brewed. Of course you can also taste some yourself.

Apart from looking at life in the past there are also many fun activities that you can participate in yourself. You can for example go for a ride on a historical tram, or sail with a real pull ferry over the large pond. In the weekends and holidays many fun activities are organized in the kids courtyard where you can experience yourself the life from the past. While the kids entertain themselves here, the parents can relax on the sunny terrace of tavern De Hanekamp

Dutch Open Air Museum map
Dutch Open Air Museum