Around park: 18km

Are you ready for adventure? Come to Klimbos Veluwe in Apeldoorn, which is close to EuroParcs De Wije Werelt, and enjoy 3.5 hours of climbing fun! Choose from 9 different routes, each with its own level of difficulty. You determine how high you'll go!

Klimbos Veluwe is located at the beautiful Berg & Bos park, and near the Apenheul. Climb up to the highest treetops, clamber over obstacles, and glide through the air on the zip line. It is definitely 100% safe, because you will be climbing with a continuous belaying system. Because of this, everyone can climb the routes on their own.

A trip to Klimbos Veluwe is fun for all ages. For young climbers, who can reach up to at least 1.30 meters, we even have a special junior forest. As a parent, would you like to climb with your child? No problem! The junior forest is also suitable for adults. Besides climbing, there are also many other activities you can do. There is 26-meter high lookout tower near Klimbos Veluwe, and you can take a hike past the wild boar and deer. Great fun, of course!

Moon Trees
In Klimbos Veluwe, you can play the brand new real-life game: Moon Trees. The goal: conquer as many Moon Trees as possible. Collect resources, conquer, steal, and protect your trees. Teamwork is a must!

Moon Trees is played outside with at least 4 players, up to 42 players. The game takes 1 hour. Try Moon Trees at the super affordable introductory rate now! Fun for all ages!