Around park: 4km

Museonder shows you a glimpse of life underground. The world's first underground museum takes you deeper and deeper into the ground, until you reach the center of the earth. There is much to discover along the way: the root system of a 135-year-old tree and the bones of animals that have been extinct for thousands of years. The museum offers quiz booklets with educative and fun problems to solve during your trip through the museum.

At the Museonder you will get to see life underground. On the way you will come across many interesting things, such as the root system of a more than 135 year old tree, bones of animals that died sometimes more than thousands of years ago. In the museum you can get an activity booklet with lots of educational and interesting activities that you can do during your scavenger hunt through the museum.

Entrance fees
Adults € 9.50
Kids (6 - 12 years) € 4.75