Around park: 2km

One of the entrances to De Hoge Veluwe National Park is located at just two kilometers from De Wije Werelt.

Featuring a surface of 5500 hectares of forest, heathlands, marshes and drift sand, the park makes up almost 5% of the entire Veluwe. The Park is an enclosed National Park, meaning you will have to buy an entry ticket. The park itself offers plenty to do when it comes to nature, culture and architecture.

With its varied landscape, the park is exceptionally suited to go on hiking and cycling trips. The park features various routes like post routes, gps routes and themed routes. They vary greatly in length and landscape, and there are even some routes set out for disabled persons. Cycling or hiking trips are organized regularly, supervised by an experienced nature guide or forest ranger. Horseback riders will also find various routes specifically for them. The entrances of the park and the visitor center of De Hoge Veluwe offer more information about the various routes. You can also get a complete map of the park here.

You'll see the white bicycles everywhere at the park. These bicycles are free to use for everyone in the park. The bicycles cannot be reserved and you will not be able to lock them. As soon as you place the bicycle in parking somewhere, other visitors are free to take it, meaning it could happen that the bicycle you've been riding all day is suddenly gone. If you'd like to be guaranteed a bicycle all day, you can rent a blue bicycle for €3.50 at the visitor center, these bicycles can be locked.

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