Until what time can I arrive?
You can check in with us until 21:00. If you'll arrive after 17:00 we would appreciate it if you let us know so we can have the key ready for you.

What are the check-in and check-out times?
For camping, the check-in time starts at 14:00 and the check-out time is until 12:00. For rental, the check-in time starts at 15:00 and check-out is until 10:00.

Can I check in earlier or check out later?
This is possible on request. Inquire about the various possibilities at reception.

Is the swimming pool open for visitors?
Our swimming pool is freely accessible to guests of our campsite, day visitors must buy a ticket at reception beforehand. During the months of July &amp August, it's not possible to make use of our swimming pool as a day guest.

When is the entertainment team present?
The entertainment team is present during the Easter weekend, the May holidays, Ascension and Pentecost, as well as during the summer holidays. During the autumn holidays a limited entertainment program is organized.

Will I have to pay for a day visit?
No, day visitors are more than welcome over here. If your visitors wish to make use of the swimming pool or the indoor playground, they will have to purchase a ticket for it at reception.

When can we view the campsite or the rental accommodations?
You are always more than welcome to come view our campsite. Reception is opened every day.

Until what time is the gate opened?
You can use our gate between 7:00 and 22:00. Outside of this time frame you can't enter the campsite with your car, but you can still use the central parking space.

Is there an option to rent a bicycle?
You can contact reception about renting a bicycle. Both children's bicycles and proper Gazelle bicycles with gears can be rented. We also have child seats for rent.

Is WiFi available at the campsite?
WiFi is available at the entire property.


How many amperes are available at the campsite?
All of our comfort spaces feature a connection with 10 amperes. Comfort XL, Super Comfort XL, seasonal and yearly spaces also offer a 16-ampere connection. Our basic spaces offer electricity at 6 amperes.

Are dogs allowed at the campsite?
Your dog can accompany you while camping at Campsite De Wije Werelt for a fee, but please make sure it does not cause any inconvenience to your fellow campers. Not everyone is a dog enthusiast. Dogs should always be leashed and must not be left alone in your tent or caravan. A maximum of one pet per space, two for seasonal and yearly spaces. Visitor's dogs are not allowed.

Can I barbecue at the campsite?
Barbecuing is allowed as long check with reception beforehand. You will be camping in a forested area in which barbecuing can be quite hazardous. Open fires are not allowed.

Are party tents allowed?
Party tents are not allowed at our camping spaces.

Can I use an side tent?
Placing a side tent (6 m² at most) at the camping spot is allowed. There are no fees for the first side tent, we will charge €5.00 for the second side tent per night.

Is anti-root fabric or plastic sheeting allowed?
Anti-root fabric or plastic sheeting under the awning or tent is allowed. In case you also have an additional canopy in front of your awning, floor sheeting is not allowed under that. We do allow so-called grass-friendly grow-through sheeting here (but not necessary for a full grass sheet), please roll it back when you are not present.

Can I come camping with a large group?
It's possible to come camping with a large group at our campsite. We offer two camping lawns that are suitable for this purpose. Please call or email reception to inquire about the possibilities.

Can I park the car at the campsite?
You can park one car next to your caravan or tent, please take the convenience of your fellow campers into consideration. We also offer plenty of parking spaces outside of the campsite. Lawn 33 to 38 and lawn 160 to 168 are car-free.

Do I need shower coins?
No, you won't need a special card or coins to make use of showers or hot water at our campsite.


Are dogs allowed in the rental accommodations?
We have a number of Mobile Homes available where dogs are allowed, please contact our reception for this. At all of our other accommodation no dogs are allowed.

Are bed linen packs available in the bungalow or chalet?
In our Forest Lodges and Mobile homes, the linen packs will be waiting for you in the accommodation when you arrive. In the Hunting Cabin, Pod, Geurt, BOET and our Hiker's Cabins, linen packs are optional. You'll have to bring your own towels and dish cloths.

Can I smoke in the bungalow or chalet?
No, smoking is not allowed in our rental accommodations.

We're paying a deposit for the stay at a chalet. Will we receive this back or will it be transferred?
If the accommodation is cleaned by us, you will receive the deposit back upon departure. If you have chosen to clean the accommodation yourself, we will note your account number and transfer the deposit to your account after a check of your accommodation.

Is an oven present at the rental accommodations?
No, only a microwave is present.

What kind of coffee machine is present in the homes?
A filter coffee machine is present, it takes a coffee filter no. 4.

Can I park the car at the rental accommodation?
Our Veluwe Hunting Cabins include their own parking spot. For all other accommodations, the car can be parked at the central parking space.

Do you have any other questions?
Call reception: 0318-591201 or send an email to: We will be happy to answer them for you!