The surroundings of the country estate of Hommelheide have countless indoor- and outdoor activities for children.

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Nicely playing outside in the open air like in tne early days ,that's what Valdetudo is standing for. Climbing, clambering, horsing around, building huts in the forest and constructing (building) little dams in the playing pond. Creativity and moving boundaries are aspects which are to be confronted with at Valdedudo. Just playing outside in mother's nature is becoming an extraordinary kind of creativity for the kids.


Magic land in the town of Sevenum is causing pleasure for young and old. The attraction park is combining in- and outdoor games.

Bare feet park Brunssum

What could be nicer than making a beach walk on your bare feet, strolling through sun warmed grass or to nicely spoil (pamper) your bare feet with mud. In the bare feet park in Brunssum you can experience all these stimulations (arousals) in one single day.

Recreation forest "Steinerbos"

Recreation forest "Steinerbos" is a playing wood with unlimited possibilities. It has a lot of attractions and playgrounds to enjoy yourself for hours on end. Making friends will be quite easy and if you get a bit overheated from all the playing around, you can nicely jump into the cool water of one of the outdoor swimming pools.

Mondo Verde Landgraaf

World gardens Mondo Verde in Landgraaf is a park with four different themes (subject matters): splendid gardens from all over the world, exciting dinosaur fauna, a versatile animal world and (other) delightful attractions. An adventurous experience for young and old. Children are letting themselves go in the active (action) part of the park and the elder people are experiencing the quietness and the beauty in the world gardens.