On park

The Hommelheide-garden

The Hommelheide-garden is full of play-, game- and sport possibilities for both young and old!

The kids are jumping on the large spring mattress, they are climbing challenging climbing frames or they are playing an exciting game of midget-golf. The children farm with its goats, sheep, chickens and two ponies is drawing a lot of onlookers. The life-size chess- and draughtboard require a lot of intellectual capacity, but also guarantee spontaneous playing pleasure.

The multifunctional sporting court offers the possibility to play tennis, basketball, volleyball and many other ways of practicing sports.

Through winding paths there is a way to reach the restaurant.

Splashing children's bath

At the beach pool as well as in the Hommelheide garden, there is a splashing (splattering) children's swimming pool, which is opened from July 1th,  provided that the iminimum temperature will be 20 degrees at least.