Recreation puddle (pool)

Relaxing in the recreation puddle as well as in the beach pool

Splattering pleasure for young and elder people on the beach pool as well as in the recreation puddle. Glide down on the water slides, build sand castles or lie down happily while relaxing iunderneath the sun , on the reclining meadow or on the sandbeach. The little ones are amusing themselves for hours in the fantasy-rich toddler pool!

Spectacular super water-slides

Swimming in our recreation puddle is allowed as from May 1st until September 15th . During that period the water is accessible for free for the benefit of our guests staying in  the country estate of Hommelheide.

Furthermore only the inhabitants of Echt-Susteren are allowed to buy a day-yicket  (Euro 4,00) at tbe reception. This is only possible on presentation of their ID.

Our water glides are accessible in case of favourable weather conditions as from the beginnming of May and the waterplay paradise will be accessible as from July 1th.

When the water level is too low, the gliders will be closed. This measure is necessary for your own safety!



Also for the benefit of anglers , the recreation pond is a wonderful location to throw out a fishing rod. From the slope (bank) you'll be able to nicely and quietly enjoy a day's angling. This is allowed from sunrise till sunset.

Angling is only allowed for the guests of the country estate of Hommelheide

On park

More Praktische zaken and Recreatie op het park


The reception is directly situated at the entrance of the park. Here you're at the right place to book a reservation and to get a proper answer to all your questions. At the reception you'll also find dozens of brochures (leaflets), which are loaded with information about facilities in and around the park.

Beau & Bloem Fun Club

Putting something together, playing and having fun, empathize with our theatre .....................our animation team of the "Beau & Bloem Fun Club" is totally ready to burst loose and this goes for your children too! Do you agree?


Country estate Hommelheide is an ideal starting position to make a refreshing walk (stroll) or a wonderful cycling-tour. You can hire bikes at the reception.

Hommelheide garden

The Hommelheide garden has been abundantly provided with playing-, gaming- and sporting possibilities for young and old.! The kids are jumping on the large mattress, are climbing challenging playing frames or are playing an exciting game of midget golf . Also the children's farm provided with goats, sheep, chickens and even two pony's offers a great deal of attention. The life-size chess- and checkerboard require a lot of intellectual capacity, but the pleasure to play is guaranteed. The multifunctional sports track offers the possibility to play tennis, basketball, volleyball an even many other kinds of sport. Through winding paths the restaurant can be reached.


You don't need to leave the park for your daily shopping. The supermarket is situated in the centre of the country estate. The broad assortment is being sold for a very reasonable price. Spacious corridors are leading you along soft drinks , refrigerated products, fresh sandwiches and various non-food articles. In short ... Attentive Super on holiday! The supermarket is accessible everyday of the week, with the exception of the period between the autumn- and the Christmas holidays. You'll receive information about the exact opening hours of the supermarket at your arrival.

Water pleasure and wellness

Combining the best of both, that's what the indoor swimming pool as well as the wellness centre on the country estate of Hommelheide are standing for. Delightfully being involved with the kids in the toddler's pool or in the 1,40 meters deep swimming pool and after that still being able to take he opportunity to spend a bit of wonderful time in the wellness centre while choosing the best treat for your own benefit.

Wellness Centre

Country estate Hommelheide disposes of a splendid and hospitable wellness centre, which is situated next to the swimming paradise. In our stylishly equipped sauna complex, you can enjoy a Feng Shui sauna , an infra-red sauna as well as a Turkish steam-bath , while you're staying in a cozy ambiance.