Resort Limburg features beautiful holiday homes, each of which will provide you with the ultimate holiday experience. Rural or modern, chalet or traditional timbered house, the offer is varied. But there's one home that's extra special: the Kanjer Castle.

The Kanjer Castle is a holiday home of and for families with a child affected by cancer. Families stay here very regularly. The accommodation offers room for ten persons and, thanks to extra support handles, play corners and other child-friendly modifications, has been made suitable for the families who stay there. The garden stands out as well: it has been furnished with a swing, monkey bars and a trampoline.

The Kanjer Castle is made available to the VOKK Foundation (Foundation for Parents, Children and Cancer) and Gaandeweg Foundation, which supports children and parents during and after the illness using information and by representing their interests.

Many families that stayed in the Kanjer Castle send us a message afterwards. Some long, some short, but we would like to share one of them with you.

kanjer castle

Experience story

"We were amazed when we saw the Kanjer Castle at EuroParcs Resort Limburg where we were allowed to stay, completely exceeding our expectations! We were able to relax to our heart's content around the house and in the sauna, the children had a wonderful time both indoors and outdoors at the play equipment. The park in general was very well developed and cared for.

Despite the sadness we carry with us everywhere, we look back on our stay with especially fond feelings. How wonderful you were willing to organize this!!

EuroParcs Charity Foundation

The Kanjer Castle is made possible by the EuroParcs Charity Foundation. It is a foundation established by EuroParcs, which operates explicitly separate from EuroParcs. Would you like to know more about the EuroParcs Charity Foundation and the Kanjer Castle at Resort Limburg? Have a look at

EuroParcs Charity Foundation