Within driving distance of Holiday park Estate Hommelheide, there is a almost unlimited choice of museums. Some museums focus on the classics from Roman times and other museums are going even further back, to the days of the dinosaurs! Something for everyone, young and old! For example, take your children to the Continium Discovery Center, or wander through castle Hoensbroek!

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The thermal baths museum in the city of Heerlen.

In the Thermal baths museum in Heerlen you'll find the impressive remains of a Roman public bath, called the therms. It's the best kept Roman public bath in the Netherlands. Besides (apart from this) the museum has a varied collection of utensils from the Roman Age.

Continium Discovery Centre Kerkrade

The Continium is an interactive museum, especially amusing for children. They discover how their world has been built up, they are experimenting with science and they are experiencing how the future is going to manifest itself.

Natural history museum

Sea monsters in Southern Limburg? You can visit (view) them in the Natural History Museum in the city of Maastricht. Visitors are making a voyage through time , during which, among other things, they are confronted with tropical swamps, fossils and the hole of the fox.

The caverns (caves) in Valkenburg

Valkenburg has a lot of caves. Underneath the surface of Valkenburg there are many underground network corridors, where as a visitor you can experience a lot of activities, such as guided (conducted) tours, team building activities, workshops as well as laser games . There is something for every one.

The Southern Limburg steam engined train company

The railway station of the village of Simpelveld is a 100 years old building, owned by the steam engined railway company . In this building you'll find a little museum, a workshop with shelter sheds and a souvenir shop. You can make a nostalgic trip on board of the steam engined train along the "million-line" which is leading through the beautiful scenery of Southern Limburg.

The castle of Hoensbroek

The castle of Hoensbroek in Southern Limburg is one of the largest and most beautiful castles in the Netherlands. This enormous castle in fact is a castle museum. You're going to wander through more than 40 castle rooms. In this castle there's a lot to experience for both young and old.