In the area nearby estate Hommelheide, you can also visit various nature and wildlife parks. Besides the traditional zoos, you can also find castle parks. Be surprised by these beautiful locations! More in touch with nature? Think about a day in the Barefoot Park Brunssum. There is plenty to do for lovers of flora and fauna!

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Gaia ZOO

GaiaZOO offers (opens) a breath taking world of animals in their natural environment. The South Limburg zoo has already been elected by the public as the "Most Beautiful Zoo of the Benelux" for the fourth time now, while in 2013 it has been crowned by the ANWB (the most influential Dutch tourist organization ) as "the nicest outing (pleasure trip) of (in) the Netherlands". In GaiaZOO you'll be traveling around the world in one day and you're going to meet many extraordinary and unique species of animals.

Castle gardens in Arcen

In Arcen the castle gardens are situated. A country estate with a surface measuring 32 hectares and with a centuries old castle as well as several kinds of gardens. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of flowers and plants in wonderful gardens, like the rrosarium, the eastern water garden and the Lommerrijk.

Bare feet park Brunssum

What could be nicer than making a beach walk on your bare feet, strolling through sun warmed grass or to nicely spoil (pamper) your bare feet with mud. In the bare feet park in Brunssum you can experience all these stimulations (arousals) in one single day.

Mondo Verde Landgraaf

World gardens Mondo Verde in Landgraaf is a park with four different themes (subject matters): splendid gardens from all over the world, exciting dinosaur fauna, a versatile animal world and (other) delightful attractions. An adventurous experience for young and old. Children are letting themselves go in the active (action) part of the park and the elder people are experiencing the quietness and the beauty in the world gardens.

The castle park of Born

In nearby Born the castle park, which is carrying the very same name, is situated. The park consists of an ancient castle ruin with a surrounding zoo . Among other things you're walking past deer, animals of prey, hedgehogs and monkeys. At a number of animal accommodations the feeding times are being announced. While feeding the animals, the caretaker is also rendering information about the animals he's taking care of. During (the) wintertime, the park has limited opening hours.